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Fennekin by ApplejackMan

Everyone is posting works of the new starter Pokémon so I just had to write a comment - after all, Fennekin is the only one I really do like. But enough talk about starters, let's return to this piece of art.

First af all I have to say that I really do like the colors you chose for the background, since they give the impression of Fennekin being in its natural surroundings. Even though I imagined it to live in deserts, this savanna-like background really blends in nicely. After all I like the way you worked in both of Fennekin's main colors, yellow and red so the composition of this picture really is well done.

In addition, I like your way of coloring. When I saw this piece for the first time, I thought it looked a bit rushed, but after looking closer I do like the painted efect your shading creates. Especially Fennekin's fur and the short grass around its feet do look almost as if it was painted on canvas.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that could be improved. For example Fennekin's mouth. I know, you probably wanted to stick close to the original Nintendo design, but that huge, grey line forming Fennekin's mouth kind of destroys the atmosphere you created with your shading. It might look better with a thinner or lighter line. Same thing could be said about the eyebrows or whatever these lines are for Nintendo.

A bit weird are also the great fluffs of hair sprouting out of Fennekins ears. The lines you used to shade them are very long and thin and because of that they don't really match the rather speckled shading type you used for the rest of the image.

Nevertheless this is a really nice piece of art and even if I fo my share usually don't like pictures of Pokémon with the typicall Nintendo anatomy, I really do like the way you combined this kind of realistic shading with the Nintendo design! It might be worth a try to draw a Pokémon with animal-like anatomy and in this style of shading.

So, overall a really well done piece of art with very well chosen colors, which creates a great atmosphere.
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ApplejackMan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
A very good analysis. :3 I'll see what I can do about it. I can see where you're coming from with the problems you described. The ear fluff was actually the part I had the most trouble with XD The mouth definitely needs some editing, more dark, defined, with a bit of fur covering parts... And the eyebrow lines... I have idea about what to do with them : D

Thanks for being my first critique ;D
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